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Necromunda: Ash Wastes is a brand new Necromunda game, taking the skirmish system out of the urban Hive City, and into the desolate wastelands.

Brand new players can embark on vehicular skirmish mayhem, whilst for existing Necromunda players there’s a whole new world to explore.
This box contains all the miniatures, rules and accessories players need to pit the new Ash Waste Nomads gang, with their new mounted fighters, against a House Orlock gang and their new vehicles, in addition to a collection of new modular Ash Wastes themed terrain, all in one great value product.

The game box is a significant value proposition, with of over 40% added value.

In Relation to Other Products:

Fans of the new Ash Waste Nomads can add additional fighters to their collection with the Ash Waste Nomads War Party which provides 10x miniatures with a wide array of options, while the Ash Waste Nomads Dustback Helamites product includes 4x of the new mounted fighters.
Existing House Orlock hobbyists wanting to include the new Orlock vehicles for Ash Wastes games should purchase the Orlock Outrider Quads kit that contains 2x of the new vehicle fighters.
Necromunda players looking to access in-game tactics will want to purchase the Ash Waste Nomads Gang Tactics Cards and the Orlock Vehicle Gang Tactics Cards to provide their fighters with a wealth of abilities and options along with handy blank fighter cards to personalise their gang.