AGE; WARCRY CRYPT OF BLOOD (2 player starter)
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AGE; WARCRY CRYPT OF BLOOD (2 player starter)

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Warcry: Crypt of Blood is a brand new small-scale starter set designed to help new players break into this exhilarating game with minimal fuss. It contains two Warbands which are a little smaller than usual – ideal for introducing new players to the rules! You can play as either the blazing golden armoured Stormcast Eternals of Xandire’s Truthseekers or the arrogant vampiric nobles of the Crimson Court.

These mighty warriors are brawling over a crypt situated in Noctis, deep in Shysih, that is said to be the resting place of a legendary vampire. Sigmar himself has tasked Xandire with recovering the relics interred here lest they fall into the hands of Nagash, while the Crimson Court has orders to exterminate these trespassers. Crypt of Blood represents this battlefield with a double-sided 30” x 22” paper gaming board and six new pieces of terrain that make up the gloomy crypt of Noctis, including an ornate sarcophagus and a statue of the Neferata, Mortarch of Blood.

A 72-page Crypt of Blood book provides you with the complete core rules for Warcry, alongside lore for both warbands, seven battleplans designed just for this box, and information on how to continue your quest into the savage world of Warcry. Fighter and ability cards for both warbands are also included, alongside 18 dice and a Warcry token board with a range ruler and 63 tokens to help you keep track of your wounds and activations.