The Lord of the Rings™ Battle of Pelennor Fields
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The Lord of the Rings™ Battle of Pelennor Fields

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Alors que le soleil commence à se lever sur les champs du Pelennor, le grand siège de Minas Tirith est presque perdu… Pourtant, l'espoir ne s'est pas évanoui et l'aide est à portée de main. Dans l'air frais du matin, le son des cornes retentit, signalant l'arrivée du roi Théoden et des Cavaliers de Rohan. Avec les hôtes du Mordor par milliers, Théoden prononce un discours passionné et entraîne ses hommes dans la mêlée, chevauchant la ruine et la fin du monde!

Préparez-vous à entrer dans le monde incroyable de la Terre du Milieu et à recréer les plus grandes batailles et aventures du Seigneur des Anneaux ™ et du Hobbit ™. Dans ce coffret, vous trouverez toutes les figurines (pas moins de 84!) Et les règles dont vous et votre adversaire aurez besoin pour défendre la ville de Minas Tirith - ou prendre le commandement des forces du mal et mener la destruction et la guerre contre le royaume du Gondor.

Cette boîte contient:

  • 84 Figurines
  • 1 manuel de règle
  • 1 ensemble d'accessoires pour jouer


As the sun begins to rise upon the fields of Pelennor, the great siege of Minas Tirith is all but lost… Yet hope has not faded and help is close at hand. Through the crisp morning air, the sound of horns can be heard ringing out, signalling the arrival of King Théoden and the Riders of Rohan. With the hosts of Mordor arrayed in their thousands, Théoden gives an impassioned speech and leads his men into the fray, riding for ruin and the world’s ending!

Prepare to enter the amazing world of Middle-earth, and recreate the greatest battles and adventures from The Lord of the Rings™ and The Hobbit™. In this box set, you’ll find all the miniatures (no less than 84!) and rules you and an opponent will need to defend the city of Minas Tirith – or take command of the forces of Evil and wage destruction and war upon the kingdom of Gondor.

This box includes:

  • 1 Rulebook
  • 84 Miniatures:

- Théoden, King of Rohan on Foot and Horseback: this character is supplied as 2 models, 1 on foot and 1 mounted and charging. Both models feature options for a helmeted or unhelmeted head, and both are clad in heavy armour, and armed with his sword, Herugrim. On foot, Théoden holds a shield; mounted, that shield is stowed;
- 12 Warriors of Rohan: foot-soldiers who make up the rank and file of the armies of Rohan. 4 models are armed with bows, 4 with hand weapons and shields, and 4 with spears and shields;
- 12 Riders of Rohan: horse-masters beyond compare, renowned for their great skill and bravery. 4 are armed with spear and shield, 4 with bows, 2 with swords and shields, and 2 with axes and shields;
- 20 Warriors of the Dead: restless spectral images of their former selves. 14 are armed with hand weapons, and 6 with spears.
- The Witch-King of Angmar on Fell Beast: the greatest of the Nazgûl, and Sauron’s most deadly lieutenant, the Witch-King of Angmar carries a sword, wears the Crown of Morgul and attacks with the Fell Beast’s teeth and claws;
- A Mordor Troll: spearheading attacks and breaking down fortress walls, this enormous creature wears heavy armour and is armed with a hand-and-a-half hammer;
- 36 Morannon Orcs: hailing from the Black Gate these are a stronger breed of Orc than those who man Sauron’s other bastions. They wear brutal-looking, thick armour – 18 carry hand weapons and shields, and 18 carry spears and shields.

  • A set of accessories necessary for play
- 12 6-sided dice;
- A 12" Rohan range ruler;
- A 12" Mordor range ruler;
- A double-sided sheet of punch-out tokens, used in game to denote effects and statuses of models.